It’s perfectly okay to want to lose weight, So do I. 

But do it for you. And only you.

Don’t feel like you should change yourself for anybody. And not just about your weight, About anything! 

I had a boy tell me today, “You don’t need to wear make up, You’re beautiful and if a guy can’t see that without the make up he isn’t worth it.” 

Now, Excuse me mister, But no, I do NOT wear make up to impress boys. (Pfft dude I don’t even LIKE boys) I wear make up because I love make up, I love to dress up, I love fashion, And it’s all for me. And no one else. 

If you want to wear a crazy unique fashion. Do It. 

If you want to create and experiment with new different make up styles, Do it. 

If you want to lose weight. Do it. 

Don’t want to lose weight and are happy with how you are? That is perfectly okay too. 

Just make sure you are doing it for yourself, I know it’s easy to get sucked into feeling like you need to be the same as everyone else, And you need to impress people. But trust me, It’s much better to just live for you and you only, It’s your life.

Love, Rae xx 

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my favourite dessert!


my favourite dessert!

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Reasons I want to get fit and lose weight:  

-To be healthier 

-To feel comfortable in my own body again

-To have more self confidence

-To look good in my dresses 

-So I’m not “the fat friend” 

-So I can go for those runs and walks without feeling like I’m going to collapse or pass out 

-To expand my taste buds, And become a less fussy eater. 

-Learn how to cook delicious nutritious meals for my friends and family. 

-So I’ll have more energy and feel more alive

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